About Us

Since 2012, Dovid Einstein, CPA has been providing quality accounting services to many clients in various industries. We focus on quality versus quantity. This gives us the ability to tailor our services for each client individually. We are a boutique accounting firm, offering a wide array of highly specialized tax/accounting services. We provide free consultations, as well as being available daily for your accounting questions.


One of the things that differentiates us most from other CPA firms is our structure. We have no full time employees, and don’t pay expensive rent for our offices. This cuts out high overhead, and allows us to pass the savings on to our ¬†clients. Through our liaisons with CPA peers, we can hire ¬†highly talented staff only when needed.


Dovid Einstein, CPA was born in Los Angeles, and lived there most of his life. After graduation and world travel, Dovid realized that public accounting was where he wanted to focus all of his efforts. While studying for the CPA exams, his son Ahron Meir was born. This didn’t stop the momentum, and he finished the CPA Exams a couple of months later.


As the client base grows, new and more specialized services are being added. We value our clients, and want them to feel secure in knowing we can take care of their accounting and tax needs.


Dovid Einstein, CPA