Covid-19 & Your Taxes

First of all, the safest way to file your taxes now is remotely. Our team does 90% of our work remotely, and has much capacity to assist in your needs.

Please call (310)422-5219 to speak to our staff.

Most of us have been impacted in one way or another by the rapid spread of the coronavirus. As we are deep inside tax season, many people are confused about how this will impact your taxes.

Our team is working through this and are available to answer any questions.

The Irs and CA FTB have issued some guidance about delays in the tax deadlines.

Here is what we know so far:

The IRS postponed penalties and interest on late payment and filing for Individuals and C-Corps until 7/15/2020.

This is for filing and paying personal income taxes.

Although there is speculation about this also applying to S-Corps and Partnerships, this isn’t yet clear.

Other types of taxes(gift, payroll, and estate)have not been clarified yet.